More snow, DD STOs and bug fixes!

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Happy Holiday's from all of us here at Playnet/CRS! We have a monster update for you, some key highlights being: Ricochet problems have been addressed, Destroyers now have Server Tracked Rounds (for long-distance bombardment, like artillery), rifles no longer sway out of control, updated 3D models for WWII Online 1.0 & 2.0, a massive audio pass to improve attenuation and levels has taken place (full briefing within), new towns have been added, LODs have been extended for better graphical presentation on all ground units and trees, we've re-added and fixed the Mercedes W154 race car for special events, and a helluva lot more. This one is jam-packed, so read the notes carefully and get excited!

- Cornered Rat Software

View the Readme here:Readme 1.37