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Flag big fr.jpg
Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité
Alignment Allied
Army Armée de Terre
Air Force Armée de l'Air
Navy Marine Nationale
Size 640,053 Kilometers squared (not all modelled)
Training Area Brest

France is one of the playable Allied nations in Battleground Europe, fighting together with Great Britain and, later, the United States against the Germans.

Armed Forces

The Armée de Terre, Marine Nationale and the Armée de l'Air are the three branches of the Armée Francaise. The Armée de Terre carries the bulk of the early campaign, with seven divisions to the British Expeditionary Forces's three, but are eventually reduced to two divisions once the Americans arrive.


The MAS.36 rifle, the primary battle rifle of the French Forces

All of the initial French tanks are fairly well armored but are otherwise somewhat poor with speed issues, a weak gun, glaring vulnerabilities, poor situational awareness, or some combination of these. While they can certainly manage to fare well against the underpowered guns the Germans have in Tier 0, this quickly becomes a handicap as German equipment advances.

As the tiers progress, a lot of American equipment is received, simulating a lend-lease scheme that eventually leads to the arrival of the Americans themselves. The Stuart and Sherman quickly overtake native French designs in importance, leading to the joking name 'Framerican' to refer to the mix.