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Minimum Required System Specifications

Please make sure that your system meets or exceeds our minimum system requirements.

Community Support

Many players help our community and have a wide range of experience with specific hardware as well as general issues. The Community Support forums are often the fastest way to find information about specific performance issues you may encounter, as well as to get advice specific to your system to improve performance. These forums are accessible to anyone.

PC Community Support Forums

Mac Community Support Forums

Crash While Loading

Updating Video and Sound Drivers

One of the key methods for ensuring maximum performance is having the latest and greatest drivers from your video, sound, and chipset manufacturers.

Video drivers from the major manufacturers can be found at these pages: NVIDIA | ATI

Sound drivers from the major manufacturers can be found at these pages: RealTek Audio | Sound Blaster

Direct X can be found here: Direct X

Chipset drivers from the major manufacturers can be found at these pages: VIA | Intel | NVIDIA | ATI

Posting "DXDIAG" (windows pc)

START->RUN->Type "Dxdiag"->Click "Save all information"

Compress using WinRAR

Attach and post on the Community Support Forums PC along with the problem your having.

Improving Performance

Note: This article will take a while to complete and revise.-indo-

Operating System

Note: Windows Vista is currently unsupported by CRS. However it does work with Windows Vista. Stop by the Community Support forums (Windows) for Vista Tips & Tricks



It is recommended that you have no less then 1024MB of dedicated System memory. However accounting for the operating system and background tasks. 1536MB and higher is Recommended by most. It is NOT a improvment in performance to turn your page file off in windows XP. windows (all versions) Relys on the page file for low profile usage. It is normal and infact faster for windows to use the page file instead of the system memory for certain proccesses.


A video card with Hardware Supported Direct X 9 or 10 is recommended. Also Pixel Shader 2.0 or higher w/ 128MB of Texture memory is also recommended. pixel shader 1.4 and lower results in poor performance with some settings or it will not load at all. There is a list of supported and recommended video cards in the Community Support forums. NOTE Sli is currently not supported by BE. It has also been shown to decrease performance in game.


Approximately 90% of all sound cards are supported in BE. However the minimum amount of sounds allowed is 16, max is 128. Intergrated sound is okay with BE however a good sound card will give you a lot better performance not to mention Sound better overall.

Hard Drives

Again all technologies of HDDs are supported in BE. However installing wwiionline onto a hard drive other then your Operating System Drive can result in lower load times and decreased latency when loading textures or terrain. Extremely high amounts of system memory can eliminate texture load latency.

Software and Operating system Tips

Note: The #1 way to easily free up system memory prior to loading BE is to Endtask on the explorer.exe. This is your GUI for windows. It can take up anywhere from 20-200+ MB of system memory and a decent amount of CPU cycles when its enabled. Disabling this can give you a extra 3-10fps on average.

msconfig: You can access this menu by going to your "run..." icon in your start menu and typing "msconfig". this is your start-up utility. Navigate to the last tab called "start-up" Uncheck EVERY program that is not absolutly needed with your computer's start-up. Remember if you need it you can always start it later. This can be such a amazing improvment in performance. Some computers can become upto 75% faster then they were before simply by editing the msconfig menu!!!

Spyware and Viruses

As always and you'll hear it again. Spyware,Malware and all of thier buddies can contribute to quite a loss in performance. We leave it upto you to remove your own viruses. There are virtually a unlimited amount of ways to remove these but 85% are in the System32 folder. Just rename the file, reboot, and delete to remove the virus.


Most of the issues related to performance are not, from the Game but from a wrong or missing Driver. Up above you can find links to most of the driver providers websites. The easiet way to see if you have a incorrect driver is through your DXDIAG. you also can find the information in the Device manager. If you have trouble or questions about drivers visit the Community Support Forums.

Network settings By default Windows Reserves 10% of your total bandwidth for QoS. (Quaility of Service) this is used for Windows Update. Disable it to use the extra bandwidth. you'll find it in your network connections.

We take no responsiblity for any damages occured to your system through the use of this guide'