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While you are spawned into the game world there are head’s-up-display (“HUD”) elements around your display perimeter that provide dynamic information on your combat status. You can turn them on or off with the Y key. Weapons and ammo information, as well as other game related info, are displayed.

Weapon / Ammo Counters

If you are in a combat unit, or in a vehicle position that has weapons, you will see a weapon and ammo info box that displays your weapon type and the amount of ammo you have.

File:Hud weapon.JPG

Persona / Avatar Status

This display is global no matter what combat unit you are in. It displays your current avatar type (infantry or crew) your current stance (standing, prone, seated, etc.), as well as your Blood and ATP levels. Pay close attention to these as they let you know what shape you are in.

Blood Level

The red bar element (top) gives you a readout of your injury level. If you are hit or loosing blood this indicator will drain accordingly. ATP (or Stamina)

The green bar element (bottom) gives you a readout of your stamina or ATP (adenosine triphosphate or “muscle fuel”). This represents your ability to operate your weapon, run, etc. As you get fatigued through sprinting or experiencing extended G forces in an airplane, this will drain, but unlike blood levels, you can get your ATP back by resting briefly.

File:Hud status.JPG

Mini Map

The small map display in the lower right is designed to give you limited location information at a glance, when bringing up the main map would not be…”prudent.”

A simple compass display with arrows pointing towards your origin (blue) and target (red), mouse-clickable zoom controls, an accurate latitude/longitude display and the name of the nearest CP, provide the essential information you need when you can only afford a quick peek away from the action.

Hold the Alt key to bring up the mouse cursor so that you can change mini-map settings.

File:Hud minimap.JPG

Vehicle Info

This element displays in the upper left corner and is toggled on or off with the Grave ` key (also known as the Tilde ~ key). It shows vehicle class-specific information. In aircraft it will show current G level, your Angle of Attack (“AOA”) and your degrees of Slip. In other vehicles, it shows the current gear. If you have other soldiers on board your vehicle, this element will expand to show other their names.

Game Info

This displays in the upper right corner and is toggled on or off with the Num Lock key. You can find useful information about your current frame rate, game time (24 hr), and your icon display mode (controlled by the Tab key).