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The High Command Control Panel (or HCCP) allows HC and OIC players to receive notice of, and possibly veto, commands issued to brigades (such as Move and Attack) and proposals to nominate players to OIC positions. Collectively, these are Brigade Orders.

The HCCP comes has two tabs, Notices and the HC Map. While the HCCP is up, the rest of the interface, except for the chat buffer, is unavailable. The HCCP will soon be integrated into the UI as a new tab.

To bring up the HCCP, enter /hccp into the chat buffer (you must be in the High Command or a current OIC).


The Notices section keeps a list of all past HC proposed actions and, where appropriate depending on the type of proposal and person making it, the option to Veto a proposal is presented. The "Can Veto" option will appear. Selecting the proposal and then clicking Veto Selection will terminate the proposal.

If you can veto a proposal, you have only 90 seconds to do so.

File:Hccp notice.JPG

HC Map

All of the functions of the HC Map have now been integrated into the theater map. However, for ease of use, and the ability for HC staff to easily move between the HCCP notices section and the map, the map is presented as a tab on the HCCP. So, while an HC or OIC player does not need the HCCP up to perform brigade actions since these can be done on the theater map, it must be up to be able to veto any proposals.