Brigade Orders

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Moving Brigades

Moving a brigade with a map is relatively simple.

  • Left-click the CP the desired brigade is currently in. It should then highlight.
  • Right-click the CP you wish to move to.
  • Follow the HC Options hover menus to select Brigade and then Move Here then the desired brigade (there may be more than one in the origin CP). This will propose the movement in to the high command, and will appear in the HCCP Notices screen, where other HCs or OICs might be able to veto it.

Note: all movement orders must follow the Brigade Movement Rules.

Filer:Map movebrig.jpg

Issuing Objectives

Attack and Defense Objectives are a little easier to do. The game assumes you are issuing an objective for the brigade you are in.

  • Right-click the target CP
  • Follow the HC Options in the hover menu to Objectives then the CP name (see note below) then whether to Attack here or Defend Here as the case may be (in the case of a bridge with no current objective on it, both options are available).
Filer:Hccp attack.JPG

Note: the CP name is listed in the menu tree because in some place, the concentration of possible targets of objectives is so dense that it is difficult to select the desired one.

Clearing Objectives

For CPs with objectives already on them, the Clear Objectives option will appear in the HC Options menu.