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Select a Navy Persona to captain a boat or ship. Select a mission then choose an available vessel from the Ready Room, then press Enter World. To start your vessel, press E (you may need to hold it down for a very short time). Toggling the various power for your engines can be done with the ; and “ keys. If you have a joystick throttle settings and steering will correspond to the movement of the device, if you do not have a joystick then throttle and steering will be controlled with the arrow key controls.

All boats and ships have multiple positions like gunners and observers. Use the top row number keys to jump to these positions. The keypad DEL key allows you to toggle through the various magnifications of the gun sight(s). If you have a joystick moving the Turret movement will correspond to the joystick. If you do not have a joystick, use the arrow key. Observer positions work the same way. Fire the guns using either the joystick buttons or the F and B keys.