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The Navy Persona has the ability spawn Ships, Boats and limited Infantry, each Country has a Navy Fleet with the exception of the United States. Within the Countries fleet are 2 Squadrons/Flotilla.

RN Naval Forces French Naval Forces Kreigsmarine Forces
Brigade Short Title Brigade Short Title Brigade Short Title
37 Destroyer Squadron 37ds Flotille du Pas de Calais fpc 5. Zerstörerflottille 5zf
38 Destroyer Squadron 38ds Force de l'Atlantique fda 8. Zerstörerflottille 8zf
4. Zerstörerflottille 4zf
6. Zerstörerflottille 6zf

Navy Ports

There a 2 types of Ports in which Boats/Ships can Spawn from. This would be Naval Docks (Shallow Water) and Naval Bases (Deep Water) for more information look Here