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Docks / Naval Base

The Dock is where Naval Units are stationed. If a town has a dock symbol, naval units can be placed into it. There are two types of Docks:

  • Shallow Water - On the map they would be named on the map for example 'Westkapelle Docks'.
  • Deep Water - On the map they would be named on the map for example 'Oostende Naval Base'.
Naval Docks Naval Base
Naval Docks.png Naval Base.png

The differences between Docks and Naval Base would be what can Spawn from them.


These are found in Shallow Water and mostly on the Rivers. These can only Spawn Boats - Fairmile B and Higgins Boat. Spawning these would land you right outside the Dock:

Spawn Docks.png

Naval Base

These are Deep Water ports found on some Coastal Towns. These can Spawn Fairmile B and the Higgins Boat but also the Armed Trawler, Freighter and Destroyers, Spawning these would land you on the Seas just outside town.

Spawn Base.png

Capture Point

Capturing the Docks works on the same principle as the Army Base, You cannot capture the Docks until a Depot has been captured and after 10mins. Once the Depot has been held for 10mins the Docks (seen below) can be captured.