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An Attack Objective (AO) is an order issued by the High Command for forces to assault a given CP.


Without an AO, a CP cannot be contested or captured. AO's also serve to focus the action in the game, making it easier for players to find a battle.



Any town that has an AO placed on it will have it's name encased in a Red box:



See Also: Help Commands

A listing of all the current objectives can be found by typing ".objective l" in the chat bar. It will return something similar to this:

Objective list.png

A Numerical list of all current objectives can be found by typing ".objective n" in the chat bar. This will provide in the text bar a listing of all Attack Objective, Defense Objectives, Bridge Attack/Defense Objectives. It will also state how many Objectives are "free" or available to be placed. It will return something similar to this:

Objective number.jpg

Information about an Objective can be found by typing ".objective i". This will inform you of how long the objective has been active.

Note:.obj can be used as a shortcut for .objective


Number of AO's

Each side has a limited number of AO's at any given time. The number of AO's depends on the number of players currently logged into the game, increasing as more players log in to the game, and deceasing as they logoff. There will always be at least 1 AO available per side, regardless of game population.

Placing an AO

Only a member of the High Command or an OIC can place an AO. They do so by selecting the target CP on the Theater Map, and then right clicking and using the drop down menue to initiate the request for an attack.

Relation to Defense Objective

The mirror to the AO is the DO, or Defense Objective. These are instructions to a side that the enemy is going to attack a given CP, and to muster the defenses. A DO cannot be placed, they appear in conjunction with an AO.

Removing an AO

AO's may be removed for many reasons. They can either be automatically removed, due to a decrease in player numbers or the successful capture of a CP, or they can be manually removed by the HC because a battle is not going well. When the HC cancels the AO, it is not immediate. A warning message will got out to all side players (.allied or .axis), those in the field are given additional warnings by the system that the attack is being called off. The text warnings continue for 5 minutes at which point the AO is removed.


Once an AO has been placed on a town, a cp can not be captured for the first 10 minutes. Objective issued timers can be found by clicking on a town's name and typing .obj i on chat.

Objective info.jpg

Automatic Placement

  • AOs will be automatically placed when HC fails to place enough.
  • Priority for placement will be adjacent cities with enemy brigades present.