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A Defence Objective appears when the enemy High Command issue an AO.


A DO is a visual representation of where the enemy AO has been placed. Combined with the EWS system it serves to focus the action in the game, making it easier for players to find a defensive battle.


Any town that has an DO placed on it will have it's name encased in a green box:



See Also: Help Commands

A listing of all the current objectives can be found by typing ".objective l" in the chat bar. It will return something similar to this:

Objective list.png

A Numerical list of all current objectives can be found by typing ".objective n" in the chat bar. This will provide in the text bar a listing of all Attack Objective, Defense Objectives, Bridge Attack/Defense Objectives. It will also state how many Objectives are "free" or available to be placed. It will return something similar to this:

Objective number.jpg

Information about an Objective can be found by typing ".objective i". This will inform you of how long the objective has been active.

Note:.obj can be used as a shortcut for .objective


Number of DO's

The number of DO's are eqivulant to the number of enemy AO's placed.

Placing a DO

A Defense Objective appears automatically when the enemy place an Attack Objective on a town.

Relation to Defense Objective

The mirror to the DO is the AO, or Attack Objective.

Removing a DO

A DO cannot be removed in the same way that an AO can be removed. However the defending side can remove the enemy AO by means of a Fallback order.

Although seen as gamey to many players, it is a valid tactic that gives the defenders a respite from an attack.


Once a DO has been placed on a town, a cp can not be captured for the first 10 minutes. Objective issued timers can be found by clicking on a town's name and typing .obj i on chat.

Objective info.jpg