OIC Nomination

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HC Officers can nominate any member of a brigade to be the Officer In Charge of that brigade.

Once approved, Non-HC OICs remain in charge until they:

  • Resign,
  • Are Removed by an HC officer,
  • Change Brigades, or
  • Quit the game (or crash)

To nominate a player to OIC:

  • From the Theater map or HCCP right click on the CP where the relevant brigade is, and follow the HC Options menu.
File:Hccp menu.JPG
  • Enter a the name of a player in the dialog window that appears.
File:Hccp nominate.JPG

Note: the nominee must be in the brigade he is nominated OIC of!

The Nomination will be published on the HCCP Notices screen. Other HC members will have the opportunity to veto the nomination (for 90 seconds at the moment). If there is no veto, the Nomination becomes an Offer to the player.

The nominated player has 90 seconds to accept the the offer. Once accepted, he becomes the OIC of his brigade.

He may now use the HCCP, the HC channel, and issue Brigade Orders.