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Getting into the action is easy, getting out of it is a bit harder. Here are some things you should know about where and when you can spawn in, and about despawning as well.

Where? When? The facilities noted above as “spawnable” are locations where new units can enter the game world as follows:

  • Airfields: any fighters, fighter-bombers, transports, and light bomber aircraft (Ju87 and Blenheim) available to your country may spawn at an airfield. Bombers like the DB-7, Havoc, and He111, are limited to specific airfields designated by your High Command as bomber deployments.
  • Docks: all docks and harbors may spawn patrol boats (Fairmiles). Only certain deepwater harbors designated by your High Command as a location for a Naval deployment can spawn destroyers and freighters.
  • AB Infantry Barrack/AB Vehicle Garage: you may spawn any infantry at all barracks where you control the spawn AND own the CP. Some ABs located adjacent to airfields may be designated as paratrooper deployments.
  • Depots: subject to the rules of Offensive and Defensive depot spawning (see above), you may spawn infantry at any supply depot you control.
  • FB Infantry Barrack/FB Vehicle Garages: you may spawn any infantry or vehicle units at any FB that is yours and open.

Mobile Spawn Points for Infantry

PPOFMSRear.jpg Attacking and defending infantry are not limited to the barracks or depots, nor even the predictable locations of the FBs to enter the game world. The Fortified Mobile Spawn is now the main mobile spawn point. Infantry, light anti-tank, and light anti-aircraft guns can be spawned from these points. As the name suggests, it is fortified and capable of withstanding lots of hits. The FMS is truck deployed only, and there can only be a single spawn point per mission. It can only be deployed by the Mission Leader. The spawn can be placed both on the frontier and in cities. There are two firing slits on the front of the object for defenders, and instructions on the wall to join Discord and how to setup a zone of control (ZOC). FMS can also act as a resupply and RTB point for all ground units in the field.

There are several other Player Placed Objects (PPO) which can be placed around the FMS to facilitate its durability and lifespan.


Spawning is a term used to describe the process of entering the game world.

Different types of units will spawn in different places.

Infantry can spawn from an FB infantry spawn, AB infantry spawn, a supplied Depot, or a Mobile Spawn. Paratroopers are an exception - they can only spawn at the paratrooper depot on airfields.

Armor, Prime Movers, and ATG/AA can spawn from an FB vehicle spawn, or an AB vehicle spawn.

Most Aircraft can spawn from an Airfield, with the exception of strategic bombers, which can only spawn where a Bomber Deployment is placed.

Smaller ships can spawn from any Dock, but Destroyers and Troop Transports can only spawn from deep water ports that have a Destroyer Deployment placed.