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The High Commands are player-run hierarchies that command the strategic level of the game.


Allied High Command (AHC)

Axis High Command (OKW)

HC Units

This is a list of current brigade and their brigade IDs.


High Command Articles of Conduct

Orders of Battle

The High Commands organize the military branches into Orders of Battles, or "Orbats".

These links will take you to the HC pages for each team. Allowing you to lookup officers and their placement in the "Orbat".

Axis Order of Battle

Allied Order of Battle


High Command Control Options

High Command Control Panel

The High Command Control Panel allows HC officers and OICs handle Brigade Orders and OIC Nominations.

Tactical Orders

Brigade Orders

HCs and OICs can order attack and defense objectives on cities (CPs) and bridges, take charge of brigades, and move them.

OIC Nomination

HC officers can nominate any player within a brigade to be the Officer in Charge of that brigade.

Dot Commands

These commands are the command line tools you can use as HC to get information and inform your map decisions.

  • .hccp - this command calls up the HC map and the HC command queue
  • .hcm <message> - the command on it's own displays the HC Message. With text after .hc it will set the HC Message to that text. Generally used to inform logging in HC of current state, or of state of MOIC's plan.
  • .hcl - lists current HC online
  • .rdp - displays the current RDP Rate (the reduction in factory speed due to damage to the factories) and the current equipment tier.
  • .obj n - displays the number of current AOs available and placed, and required.
  • .obj l - that's an L not an i, displays the list of current objectives for both sides
  • .obj i - displays the current info on they city you in, or the currently selected map object if your map is open
  • .own - displays the status of the highlighted map object (your map must be open)
  • .fb <city> - displays who owns the FBs of the named city
  • .ne <brigadeID> - displays the movement status and fallback of the named brigade or of your current brigade if none is specified
  • .du <brigadeID> - displays the supply status of the listed brigade or of your current brigade if none is specified. It will display the total number of tickets(units) coming into supply, how many deliveries are scheduled, and how long until the delivery is made.
  • .moved or .moveb - see movement rules under "Brigade Orders" above.

high command tips

High Command Tips