M3A1 Grease Gun

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M3A1 Grease Gun

M3A1 Grease Gun
Type Submachine Gun
Caliber .45 ACP
Feed System 30 Round Magazine
Rate of Fire 450 Rounds/Min
Muzzle Velocity 275m/s
Maximum Effective Range 110m


America observed the effectiveness of submachine guns employed in Western Europe, particularly the German 9×19mm MP 40 and British Sten submachine gun and initiated a study to develop its own "Sten" type submachine gun in October 1942, even though the Thompson was a good weapon it was expensive and laborious to produce. The result was the M3 “grease gun” so call because it looked like a mechanics grease gun. The M3 was a cheap and reliable weapon. The first combat operations in which the M3 saw use was in the hands of some paratroopers of the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions during the Normandy drop as part of the D-Day invasion. Initially, many soldiers who were issued “grease guns” were not impressed with them and were reluctant to give up their trusted Thompsons. However, as the M3 began to see combat use, its reliability and lighter weight were seen as positive attributes, and most G.I.s, albeit grudgingly, came to accept the roughly hewn grease gun as a worthy successor to the finely crafted Thompson. It remained in service long after the Second World War ended being issues to US troops up to the first Gulf war.

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