Granatwerfer 36

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5 cm leGrW (leichteGranatWerfer) 36

Granatwerfer 36
Weight 14kg
Caliber 50mm
Elevation 42° to 90°
Traverse 33° to 45°
Effective Range 50m Min
510m Max
Rate of Fire 15-25 Rounds/Min


Also known as the Granatwerfer 36


  • Wurf Granate 36 (HE)
  • Wurf Granate 36 Nebel FS (Smoke)

Originally produced with a complicated telescopic sight, these light mortars were quickly simplified to a simple white aiming line in 1938. Although over 25,000 of these were made by 1943 and they were used to some extent throughout the war, after 1941, the German infantry had a preference for captured French and Russian 50 mm light mortars, which relegated the Granatwerfer 36 to use in secondary units and the Italian army.

Because of its short barrel, this mortar was fired by trigger. It had a support arm that limited its elevation range to between 40 and 80 degrees, to support its purpose of attacking at high angles.



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