2 inch mortar

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5 cm leGrW (leichteGranatWerfer) 36

Ordnance SBML 2 Inch Mortar
Weight 4.8kg
Caliber 2in
Elevation 45° 90°
Traverse 33° to 45°
Effective Range 500m
Rate of Fire 8 Rounds/Min


  • Mk I Mortar Bomb (HE)
  • Mk II Smoke Mortar Bomb (Smoke)


The British Army began producing the 2 Inch mortar in 1938. Small, simple, and relatively easy to use, it was very portable. It also had greater range and firepower over hand and rifle grenades, enhancing the ability of infantry platoons to screen their movements with smoke grenades, or attack targets behind cover with high explosive rounds.

The mortar had a short barrel making it necessary for a soldier to aim it by hand, rather than using a bipod or support, but this contributed to its portability. The short barrel made it necessary to be fired by trigger, rather than simply dropping mortar rounds into the barrel.

Although it originally had collimating and cross-level bubbles to aim it, these were determined to be unnecessary and were dropped in favor of a white aiming line painted on the barrel, which did not affect the accuracy of the mortar in trained hands.

Because of the simple and straightforward design of this light mortar, it was kept in service until the 1970s.


The photograph above shows a Sergeant using a mortar equipped with a telescopic sight.

Shell Information

Here is some information courtesy of Wikipedia about the specifications of the types of shells used.

HE (high explosive): 2 lb 2 oz (1 kg).

SMK (smoke): 2 lb (909 g)

ILL (illuminating) (Korean war): 1 lb 5 oz. (596 g)


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