Sten Mk II

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STEN MK II submachinegun.png
sten mark II
Type Submachine Gun
Caliber 9mm
Feed System 32 Round Magazine
Rate of Fire 550 Rounds/Min
Muzzle Velocity 380m/s
Maximum Effective Range 100m


After the fall of France Britain quickly realised it needed a submachine gun and fast. It had been purchasing as many Thompson Submachine guns as it could get its hands on. However these where expensive and there was not enough to meet demand. So Britain turned the Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield who produced the Sten.

The Sten shared design features, such as its side-mounted magazine configuration, with the Royal Navy's Lanchester submachine gun, which was a copy of the German MP28. In terms of manufacture, the Lanchester was entirely different, being made of high-quality materials with pre-war fit and finish, in stark contrast to the Sten's austere execution. The Lanchester and Sten magazines were even interchangeable (though the Lanchester's magazine was longer with a 50-round capacity, compared to the Sten's 32-round capacity). The Sten used simple stamped metal components and minor welding, which required minimal machining and manufacturing. Much of the production could be performed by small workshops or in some cases by schoolboys in metal shop classes. The firearms where then assembled at the Enfield site

The sten was not without its problems. It had repudiation for jamming, caused by the magazine feed system which was copied directly from the Germans. Early marks also had no safety and the gun was known to go off occasionally when bumped. However despite sometimes poor reputation the sten gave good service through various models and inspired various other submachine designs that can still be found in armouries across the globe.

Game Play

The sten is in game from tier 1. It excels in the close quarter combat that the CP produce and great when capping cp or Army base bunker. Like all smgs it is weak at longer ranges and not very accurate beyond 100m. It has less recoil than the Thompson 1928 and is slightly more controllable when fired in bursts.

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