PzB 39

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PzB (PanzerBüchse) 39
Type Single-Shot Anti-Tank Rifle
Caliber 7.92mm AP
Feed System Single-Shot Breach Loader
Muzzle Velocity 1,265m/s
Maximum Effective Range


The PanzerBüchse anti-tank rifle, while small in caliber compared to the Allied anti-tank rifles that saw service in the early years of the war, made up for its smaller caliber with hellacious muzzle velocity that hurled its tungsten-core round downrange at an unprecedented 4,100 feet per second. As with the Allied experience, it was found to be ineffective against all but the thinnest tanks or weak spots on any tank. Fortunately for German anti-tank teams, many British tanks such as the Cruiser variety were thinly armored and susceptible to the PanzerBüchse if the team got close enough.

Actual PzB 39 ammunition, with the very large charge to it.

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