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M9 "Bazooka"
Type Rocket Launcher
Caliber 2.36in
Feed System Single Shot
Muzzle Velocity 80m/s
Maximum Effective Range ~275m


The Bazooka began development when it became apparent that the US army needed a hand held anti-tank weapon. The result was the M1 Bazooka. The Bazooka could fire a HEAT (high explosive Anti-tank) Rocket. the M1 varied had an effective range of 150 yards.

The Bazooka was first introduced into combat in 1942 being supplied to British troops in North Africa and to the USSR. It was also supplied to the US forces taking part in Operation Torch. It could penetration the armour of almost all enemy vehicle encountered during the conflict. It did have some drawbacks, it was big and heavy, earlier models had reliability issues both with the weapon and the ammunition. It being a rocket system had a large back-back-blast that posed a danger to anyone behind the user and it also gave the user position way. The back-blast also meant that it could not be used in confided spaces like buildings. The bazooka went through various different models and some can still be found in use across the world today.

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