Maschinenpistole 34

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Maschinenpistole 34
Type Submachine Gun
Caliber 9mm
Feed System 32 Round Magazine
Rate of Fire 600 Rounds/Min
Muzzle Velocity 410m/s
Maximum Effective Range 150-200m


The MP34 was produced for Austrian armed forces by Steyr . It was a copy of the MP18. It came into the service of the German armed forces following Anschluss. A number were then re-barrelled to chamber 9×19 ammunition and issued to German troops as the MP34(ö) – Maschinenpistole 34 österreichisch (literally "Machine-pistol 34, Austrian"). Production of the MP34 ceased in mid-1940, and manufacturing lines at Steyr moved over to the production of the MP40 – a much simpler designed weapon and far less expensive to produce than the MP34. As a substitute standard small arm, it had a relatively short combat service once quantities of the MP38 became available, though some MP34s were used by Waffen SS units in the early stages of the war in Poland and France. It was then allocated to line-of-communications and reserve units, including military police and Feldgendarmerie detachments.

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