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World War Two Online is a purely PvP combat game that recreates the brutal war in Western Europe over a battlefield of more than 300,000 square kilometers, and it isn't divided into lobbies and zones. Everyone fights in the same space in an effort to gain control of the biggest zoneless battlefield in online gaming, it actually made the Guinness Book of World Records.

This is a true combined arms conflict with over 100 accurately modelled weapons and vehicles. From infantry small arms, rifles submachine guns and even pistols, to heavier machine guns and mortars. Tanks and armored vehicles, with your flyboys in fighters and bombers and ground attack aircraft fighting overhead, dogfighting or offering ground support ... all player driven and controlled, gathered together in one online game world battlefield.

Several hundred cities, towns and villages lie scattered across the hills, valleys and fields of Western Europe. You even have player controlled artillery, and making your efforts possible to push for victory is an entire support system of supply that is also player driven. Armored personnel carriers and resupply trucks work the fringes of the battle bringing up forward points of resupply and forward spawning capability.

Where the battle rages along the coastal areas and even on the rivers, gunboats and destroyers wage their own war or provide shore bombardment for your attack. All player controlled and operated.

You can even join in on paratroop operations to get behind enemy lines and cause chaos within their defensive efforts, in transport planes flown by real players.

World War Two online is the biggest most epic war game on the internet, on a scope and scale that has been unparalleled since it first began.

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