Browning Automatic Rifle

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M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle
Type Automatic Rifle
Caliber 7.92mm
Feed System 20 Round Box Magazine
Muzzle Velocity 800m/s
Rate of Fire
Maximum Rffective Range


This automatic rifle was designed by Browning for use by American soldiers in WWI. Firing the .30-06 rifle cartridge, and offering selective fire, it was intended to help soldiers in trench warfare but came to fill the role of squad light machinegun. This was enhanced by the addition of a bipod mount.

Although its 20-round capacity limited its ability to operate as a light machinegun, especially against German tactics, the Browning Automatic Rifle found more success returning to its original role of shoulder-fired automatic rifle. It was also more useful with appropriate tactics, such as those developed by the US Marine Corps, which used a squad of three four-man teams, one BAR per team.

Game Play

Gamenote: Deploy the bipod by pressing "B" when prone or braced against a low wall or window.

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