No.68 HEAT Grenade

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No.68 HEAT Grenade
Type HEAT Rifle Launched Grenade
Fuse Delay Impact
Explosive 5 oz. 8 dr. (155.9 g)
RDX/BWX 91/9
Effective Blast Radius  ?


The No. 68 was an early form of shaped charge grenade, and has some claim to be the first High Explosive, Anti Tank device in use. The design of the warhead was simple and was capable of penetrating 2 inches (50 mm) of armour in 1940.

The grenade was armed by removing a pin in the tail that held the striker. The grenade was launched from a rifle cup. The simple fins gave it some stability in the air and provided the grenade impacted the target at the proper angle (90 degrees) the charge would be effective. Detonation occurred on impact when a striker in the tail of the grenade was thrown forward into the fuse.

Ingame this is used as the British Grenadiers rifle grenade, and is largely effective against most Axis Armour throughout the Tiers.

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