Beretta Model 38

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Beretta 38.jpg
Beretta Model 38
Type Submachine Gun
Caliber 9mm
Feed System 30 Round Magazine
Rate of Fire 600 Rounds/Min
Muzzle Velocity 429m/s
Maximum Effective Range 200m


The Berretta Model 38 was among the best smgs of the Second World War. As a weapon it evolved out of various Italian experimental weapons of the First World War. The Model 38 produced by Berretta was a well-made and sturdy weapon, introducing several advanced features and was suitable for police and special army units. It was a reliable weapon combined with the fact It had low recoil and was well balanced made it accurate and easy to control gun. It proved to be high popular with soldiers on both sides with it being a sought after souvenir for allied troops. Many German soldiers, including elite forces such as the Waffen-SS and Fallschirmjäger forces, preferred the Beretta 38. A highly successful SMG the Model 38 remained in production until 1961.

Game Play

The Beretta Model 38 is one of two Italian weapons currently in game. it is available in the standard German spawn list.

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