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In us rifle garand.jpg
M1 "Garand"
Type Semi-automatic Rifle
Caliber .30-06 cal
Feed System 8 Round en bloc Box Magazine
Muzzle Velocity 800m/s
Maximum Effective Range 500m


The M1 was introduced into Service in 1936 to replace the Springfield m1903. As semi-automatic rifle it truly was a game changer, now instead of working a bolt the infantry man could fire as quickly as he could physically pull the trigger. The M1 was the standard issue rifle to US force through WW2 until 1958. It could also be found the armouries of various allies across the globe. Britain received 38,000 M1 through lease-lend, almost all where issues to the Home Guard but some appear to have issued by commando units. General George S. Patton called it "the greatest implement of battle ever devised."

Game Play

The M1 appears in game during tier 3. It is the standard issue rifle to the US armed forces in the game. It also used to equip US combat engineers, a small amount are made available to British troops as well. The M1 is a hard hitting accurate rifle that is easy to aim and accurate at range. It is perfectly suited to the rifle battle you can find around FBs and on the edges of towns. It can also be useful in a CP if you are quick enough.

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